Website Redesign For Business to Business

  • Project Name: Redesign of Company Website
  • Client: Payment Transaction Systems
  • Project Commencement Date: -
  • Project Completion Date: -
  • Project url:

A new dynamic website that stands out, instills confidence with their business customers and attracts new business.

Project Overview

Payment Transaction Systems came to Elavend looking for a website that would stand out among other business financial websites. Most websites in their sector are banking companies with slow, boring and bloated websites. Payment Transaction Systems also wanted to focus on attracting new customers and make it easy to become customers.

The Process

Elavend took on the challenge.

  • We analysed Payment Transaction System’s competition
  • We created a design and marketing strategy
  • We implemented, launched and continue to make their online presence work for their business

We Provided

  • Fast and secure Website hosting
  • Continued website monitoring
  • Website design
  • Website content (All)
  • Blog content
  • Marketing content
  • All photos, videos were provided by Elavend
  • Digital forms
  • newsletter opt-in
  • Click to call function
  • Call to actions
  • ….and more

The result

Payment Transaction Systems now has a fast, modern, website that stands out among their competition while adhering to online marketing best practices to attract new customers.

  • Providing all materials, labor equipment.
  • Worked on budget
  • Completed on time
  • Ongoing maintenance